May 152017

Taking a break. Will list my gigs in august soon!

The David Langlois and the Hot Clubbers  album is out!!!

 This Gypsy Jazz ensemble will featured Miguel on a few cuts! I was about 2 years out from braking my back and David asked me to play this gig, LOL”!!

I plan on producing my first full length album too. This will focus on my harmonica and feature different groups that demonstrate the different genre and sound I’ve created the music.

Past Gigs

The JAHWID video was taken from a fan/s phone in 2013. Miguel enhanced the sound a bit and created the Logo and Titles.

The Canglosi Cards, Jake Sanders and Tamar Korn and Miguel’s past gigs include opening the 2007 New Year’s Eve Show at the Grand Ballroom in Manhattan, Swing Out New Hampshire (’06, ’07,’08, ’09), the Washington D.C. Lindy Exchange (’08, 09’), The Big, Big, Event in Washington D.C. (’07).

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David Langlois & The Hot-Clubbers @ the Iridium

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Jan 152014

Soirée Django feat. David Langlois & The Hot-Clubbers will be at the Iridium tomorrow Sunday February 8th 2015. two shows 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM – $20.00



David Langlois & The Hot-ClubbersDavid Langlois, washboard, percussion
Ian Riggs , bass
Tim Clement , guitar
Robert Cuellari , guitar

Special guests:
Vitor Gonçalves , accordion
Pooquette , violin
Darius Scheider , guitar
Miguel Weissman , harmonica

1650 Broadway (51st)
New York, NY 10019.
For reservations (212) 582-2121.
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