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Aug 102012

Composer and Producer
Miguel composes and produces music in a state-of-the-art recording studio using virtual instruments and harmonica for movies, TV, radio and theater. He also creates sound designs for those projects.

Multi-Instrumentalist: Harmonica, Flute, Keyboards, Saxophone
Miguel is best known as a harmonica player. He studied under the best in the business: James Cotton, Sonny Junior, William Galison and Howard Levy. Since his first jingle in the early ’80s, he has done countless sessions. carried a manhattan 802 union card for 10 years, with credits on TV, Radio and Film as well as music genres as diverse as Gyspy Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Americana, HipHop and Electronic.

Miguel Weissman’s exploration into the Manhattan, Bronx, East Village and Hoboken, NJ music scenes led to getting on wax and gigging in Harlem and deep into the East Village (Avenues A-D) at after-hour clubs. This was the advent of the emerging Black Rock, Blues, Punk and Avant Garde Jazz communities.

Miguel earliest collaborations with Donald Dixon, Tack Heads (Sugar Hill Gang}, Eddy Von Bach, Ghetto Fighters, The New Left, Spy v Spy, GTO and The Soul Squad, Sammy Carr, Johnny Thunders, Robert Gordon, Lester Chambers and Charles “Bobo” Shaw at the great clubs of the time like The 7A Club, The World Club and The Pyramid Club in the East Village as well as the Continental Divide, 55 Bar and Danceteria, to name a few.

He did milestone recording sessions such as Fat Jazzy Groves 6 & 7 for New Bread Records, as well as countless sessions for Warlock and Sleeping Bag Records where Miguel collaborated with the Dj Stone and Smash, GTO, Jungle Brothers and the Latin Rascals, and played up in Harlem with early emerging Black Rock scene.

In the Studio he co-produced and managed, Countdown Studio, he worked with The Drifters, Method Man, Blue blue oyster cult, The Roots on Brooklyn Babylon.

He is still an active session player. Whether working in person or virtually, he can record and send finished tracks through the web as HD96K files.

Stage Performer
Miguel has shared the stage around the world with a diverse group of artists. Currently, he works as a sideman for Jahwid and the Brooklyners and David Longlois and the Hot Clubbers and Moose and the Built Proof Blues Band and does guest appearances in the try state area. Miguel also has been on road with swing/blues bands for the dance community, venues like “swing out new Hampshire”. Some of the bigger music venues: The 92nd street Y, The UN, The Iridium, Town Hall. Miguel has toured Europe and Asia as well as though out the US.

Performers that Miguel has worked with include: Les Paul, Mick Jagger with the Sugar Hill Gang (Tackhead with Adrian Sherwood), The Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Flesh and Fuzztones, Rickie Lee Jones, David Johansen, Fela Kuti, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Cornell Dupree, lester chambers, Charles “Bobo” Shaw, David Longlois, Steve James, The Second Fiddles, Johnny Thunders, The New Left, the Holmes Brothers,Tamar Korn, Sammy Carr, Robert Lighthouse, Alou Lion Diarra, DJ Smash (Giant Steps), the Canglosi Cards, Gordon Webster, Frank Schaap, Freddie Stevenson, Robert Gordon, Bobby Forster, Gwen Cleveland, Tootsie Bean, The Uptown Horns, GTO and the Soul Squad, the Burning Brass, Michael Powers, Moose and the Bullet Proof Blues Band, Ari Ben Moses Band, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton and DJ Stone.

Sound Designer and Technical Engineer
Miguel is a sound consultant/designer and/or board operator for all kinds of events. From theaters to film, to live music halls and hotel events, to art installations and product tours, he has recorded and mixed on 4 to 48 tracks recording studios and live halls, from break out rooms for hotel events, and black box theaters, understanding the live sound needs for every genres, and has worded every position, as an A3, A2 or A1. He works extensively with Macs and PCs, Qlab and SFX, Logic X, Pro Tools, and Final Cut Pro and Melodyne. He has also installed surround sound speaker set-ups in theaters (5.1 and 7.1).

For examples of Miguel’s theater sound designs, and detailed production credits go to sound designs.

For examples of ADR and sound designs created for those productions, go to video.

For examples of his synthesizer programming, treatments of voices and real instruments and virtual instruments manipulated through computer techniques, go to music.

Miguel produced or co-produced all the tracks on the Music page, and he is also the composer or co-composer and primary musician. All tracks can be licensed for your movie, TV or theater production. Contact him for details. harpburn@yahoo.com

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