The Bionic Blues One

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Dec 272016

I’m very excited to be working with a media production team on a animation I wrote the screenplay for. The music for this new project is deconstructed from music I co-produced with the Second Fiddles about 12 years ago.. 

“What if blues music, not coal was a world’s power source, would they abuse musicians”?

I will up-date this page weekly with new content.


After titles on Black background, open spotlight to photo of amplifier toggle switch.

A long animated arm with a hand that looks like Mickey Mouse turns on switch.

Blue light comes on, some humming noise and guitar tubes warm up in belly or amp.

Pan up to headshot of bionic blues brother.

He’s very sad, very pale, stiff and in pain.

He tries to move his jaw and eyes, and things just won’t work. { kind of like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz}.

His eyes move to one side as the camera pans to a tank that looks like a water cooler, next to a guard stooped over a chair snoring.

He’s wearing a fascist captains hat that is exaggeratedly pointed and boots that you would use to duck step, he’s holding his baton.

Kind a looks like Donald Trump! His arm handcuffed to the water container. The guard kicks the cooler even though he seams asleep.

Bubbles come from the top of the liquid as a small amount of the contents start to empty into a tube heading to the blues ones body.

The contents seams to be a lubricant.

He starts the kick drum, out of time, and blows though the harmonica out of breath through his mouth.

All the parts on his body are wobbly and seem almost as if they’re about to fall apart.

His face looks hopeless as he squirms, not having a switch to get the stuff in the water cooler.

After a struggle and a pleading expression, he shakes his head, his expression  said “just can’t do it.”

 The guard begrudgingly gives a dirty look and presses a big read button.

 A little more of the liquid come in and the blues brother shakes!


The blues one plays the harmonica through a tep in his throat! Whips out the guitar with one arm from behind his back like a bandido.

But the music sound synthetic, 

As the Blues one starts playing the blues figure along with the kick drum, playing in rhythm now. The music slowly starts to become real music.

The piano comes from his waist or where the crotch would be, it’s like a trap door or a piano cover for the keys.

The Blues One is always self-conscious, but with an air of sophistication even though he looks disheveled.

Sometimes a arm comes out to adjust his tux and his bowtie. His long back end { a grand piano} with that third leg in the back to stabilize him! 

The bass is held by another arm and another face is introduced, the bass player, is a woman!, They seam to change like a chameleon according to their whim,  the Blues One’s lover is similar!

The jug is held by another hand and arm that comes from the back, and lips come out of the ear to blow into the jug.

They start to get a little more color as they start to sing. Their body warms up, all of the parts seem to work smoothly now. The music sounds less synthetic and the music eventually becomes real players.

At this point all the instruments are introduced one at a time, their playing the guitar, the piano, bass, blowing through a jug, banging on the kick drum, singing and playing the harmonica.

Singing about Juanita, we will choose a couple images from the video. Juanita is half woman and half man too. 

Side note: The sores material for this comes from this video, But I have six more tracks { from the Second Fiddles }  to work with! So the end track { MP3 above } will be a mixture of all I have at my disposal. 

The faces and hands in the photos animate to the music!

These photos will be like a dream sequence that will accentuate the story of this song!

At one point ( when their prowess is at it’s highest ) the amp starts to extract the blues essence as their body starts to overload.

The spindles and sprockets start to turn faster, little sparks and blue steam start to come out of their ears and in the tubes inside of the amp!

Everything is smoking and their skin is dark blue.

We see the tubes, sprocket’s and spindles in side the amp extract the blues essence, splitting into tubes in many directions.

Each connection has a little blues essence leaking onto the floor. All pulsating to the rhythm of the music and going into a power source that looks like a old 1910 power converter that Frankenstein might have used. With the electrical charge going between the two metal antennas.

Everything in the room is bouncing to the music and you see through windows.

We see endless factories with blue smoke bellowing out of their long chimneys wile their moving to the rhythm of the music. ( I got that image from a Max Fleischer cartoon).

As they solo, we see dreams of Juanita and the Blues One walking hand and hand, traveling to famous cities, with selfies next to landmarks, meeting Kings and Queens and sailing on tall ships.

All the while, the one’s creativity, { the blues essence of the music } is being extracted and sucked into the tubes on the other end, and powering this factory. 

Just as all the other factories throughout this alternative universe extract this vital resorse from their captives.

As the bionic blues ones song starts to end, the tubes extract all their creative essence out of their body. 

The One becomes pale blue again. All the machinery that keeps our heroes together, start to seize and fall part.

Almost is if they were Humpty Dumpty, the one’s frail body has been put together for the last time, they slowly explode into hundreds of pieces!

Almost as if each part was an accident within an accident.

As we fade out {like the end of a Looney Tunes cartoon}. The  long arm appears and finds the toggle switch on the amp and turns it off!.

The Camera fades to black as we hear the remnants of their parts settle on the factory floor.

Only to open the spot light again to the bionic blues ones faces on the ground.

 A close up revels a smile and a sigh as they close their eyes to rest  { knowing that somehow} they’ll figure out how to do it all again tomorrow!!


CopyRight 2016

Miguel Weissman

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