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The blues genre is based on the blues form but possesses other characteristics such as specific lyrics, bass lines, and instruments. Blues can be subdivided into several subgenres ranging from country to urban blues that were more or less popular during different periods of the 20th century. Best known are the Delta, Piedmont, Jump, and Chicago blues styles. World War II marked the transition from acoustic to electric blues and the progressive opening of blues music to a wider audience, especially white listeners. In the 1960s and 1970s, a hybrid form called blues-rock evolved.
The blues takes many forms… It is variously a feeling, a mood, a nameless threat, a person, a lover, a boss man, a mob, and, of course, the Devil himself. It is often experienced as both cause and effect, action and reaction, and it can be used as both hex and counterhex, poison and antidote, pain and relief. Most importantly, the blues is both the cause of song, and song itself”.

Hoboken Blues Alstars
Paul Zeichner: voice, Brother Dave: guitar and bass, Miguel Weissman: harmonica, Alan Camlet: drums and production and mixing at Hoboken Recorders recorded 2003.

Moose and the Built Proof Blues Band
Moose wrote the lyrics, Miguel composed and arranged the music with the Built Proof Blues Band. Mixed and co produced by Craig Randal At Brass Giraffe, recorded in 1995. Ellard-James Boles (Moose): bass and vocals. T: guitar, Earthen Allen: piano, Danny Cipriano: sax, Richie Johnson: drums Miguel Weissman: harmonica.

Hollow Log
Rich Cohen: guitar, Miguel Weissman: harmonica,recorded live at Miguel’s recording studio in 2006, we overdubbed a solo guitar track.

Hoboken Blues AlStars Produced and mixed in Miguel’s studio in 1997.
Miguel Weissman: Harmonica though a glass cup and piano. T guitar.

Hoboken Blues AlStars Produced, mixed and recorded at Miguel’s recording studio in 1987.
Miguel :vocals and harmonica, Joe Ruddic: piano, Mark Dane: guitar, Jeffery Allen bass, The Burning BrassJenny Hill: Saxophone, Nilda Richards: Trombone, Pam Fleming: trumpet. Bill Elder: drum programing,

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