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Miguel’s milestone recording sessions such as Fat Jazzy Groves 6 &  7 for New Bread Records, as well as countless sessions for  Warlock and Sleeping Bag Records where Miguel collaborated with the Dj Stone and Smash, GTO, Jungle Brothers and the Latin Rascals, and played up in Harlem with early emerging Black Rock scene.

Surrender GTO and Miguel co-composed and produced this track. GTO wrote the lyrics. by Craig Randal mixed this track in 1985.

His exploration into the Manhattan music scene as a multi- instrumentalist and producer goes as far back as the 1982 . His early HipHop, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, House and Punk Rock collaborations in the Bronx and the east village with Donald Dixon, The New Left, Tack Heads, Johnny Thunders, Charles “Bobo” Shaw at the 7A club and the Pyramid club in the east Village, and in the 22’s at Danceteria led to getting on wax.

Blue Spirit Disco Mix Recorded at Miguel’s studio originally in 1997. Re-mixed in 2009. Designed and programmed with virtual instruments altered and created though computers. Composed and produced by Miguel Weissman. Special guest; Donald Dixon: Bass,Yancy Drew lambert: Bongos, Walter Pretty: guitar, Miguel: harmonica and flute.

The Love mixed and recorded at Miguel’s recording studio, Angie Brown’s Vocals and brother Dave’s guitar manipulated though melodyne and other treatments.

Techno Wave Mixed composed and preformed by Miguel Weissman in 1996.

Flute-Wave Mixed composed and preformed by Miguel Weissman in 19945.

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