Junior Wells 1993: “Your One Mother F*&^^%$EN Harp Player”!

Dave Lambert
Rock Star and Registered Teacher at Music Play Studios (Music Together of Hudson County NJ
”In my experience, Miguel is a true professional, a master of his craft who loves his job and gets along fabulously with those around him. I’ve worked with him on stage and off, and he always delivers, on time and far above expectation. Your musical project will benefit from Miguel’s magic touch.”

Dean Landew
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer
“Miguel is the best harmonica player I’ve ever worked with. Not just the best blues player. The best harmonica player. His range is exceptional. He can switch styles on a moment’s notice, and he’s always willing to venture into whatever territory will enhance the piece of music he’s working on at the time. All this, and he’s a genuinely nice guy too.”

Jim Knable
Playwright and English/Writing Teacher
”Technically, this was before I was the lead singer and songwriter of The Randy Bandits, but my experience working with Miguel in his capacity as both a recording engineer and musician definitely led to The Randy Bandits in the way that paths in life lead to unforeseen destinations. Miguel worked with me at his studio to help me create my first solo album. His insight, guidance, and collaboration (on harmonica) gave me a product of which I am still proud 12 years later. He is a friendly, motivating, technically skilled, and musically gifted person.”

Kris Randall
KLAUSHOUZ STUDIOS/Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter
“I had the pleasure of plying guitar on a film score, written and engineered by Miguel Weissman. Total pro to work with. Look forward to the next one!”

Marco Heiland
Private Instructor
”I met Miguel in 2008, when I was looking for a music and harmonica instructor. It was a unique experience. The lessons were the best I’ve ever had; the contents ranged from music history, production to actual playing instruction. The results I got were really great, and I have no words to thank him enough!”

Mark Tipton
Trumpeter, Composer, Music Educator
”Miguel Weissman is one of my favorite musicians to work with! His incredible harmonica playing, his vast knowledge of audio engineering and MIDI programming, and his vibrant creative spirit makes every encounter with him a joy, and a major learning experience. I highly endorse his work!”

Richard Hunter
Harmonica instructor and musician
“I heard Dean Landew’s record “Indestructible Voices,” which features NYC-based Miguel Weissman on harmonica. Weissman is heavily featured, and this record plays like Springsteen with Magic Dick in the lineup. If you like rock harp, you’re going to eat this record up. Attaway to go Miguel!”

Shelly Shelly
Independent Music Professional
”I hired Miguel to write an original composition for a show I was doing at the Fringe Festival. He was incredibly quick, and the quality was exactly what we wanted.”


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