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What is Sound Design?

Video/Film and Radio Sound Designer
-The Worst Part of my Life for Cadre Films NYC: Sound design, ADR, Mixing, music supervisor, composer
– Stevenson’s Disease for Cadre Films NYC: Sound design, ADR, Mixing, music supervisor, composer
– Glaxo Welcome’s ‘Be Smart about HIV’ for Interlink productions, radio and TV: Sound design, mixing, composer
– Peace to All: Animation, Sound design, produced and mixing, composer
– Wings: Photography, Sound Designer, produced and mixing. composer

Theater Sound Designer
– Lone Wolf Tribe: ‘The Hobo Grunt Cycle
– The New Bohemia (Off-Broadway) Three original compositions and sound design
– Rewind: Knucklehead Zoo Rennie Harris: Legends of Hip Hop (New Victory Theater)
– Cooking from Korea, Circus OZ from Australia, Vivace from Germany (New Victory Theater)
– New Shanghai Circus (New Victory Theater)
– The Flaming Idiots (filmed for release on DVD) (New Victory Theater)
– Twinkle Twinkle Little Fish’ from Windmill Performing Arts Company from Australia (New Victory Theater)

Assistant Sound Designer and Board Operator
– New House Under Construction (59 East 59)
– Mazeltov Cocktail’ (McGinn/Cazale Theater)
– A Year with Frog and Toad (Tony-nominated)
– Cooking’ from Korea, Circus OZ’ from Australia, ‘Vivace’ (New Victory Theater)

Industry Events
King Cole, Event Central, Bentley Meeker, Go Hammer productions: load-in and out, lighting, sound, video and staging
– Toy of the Year Awards (Sheraton Hotel/Imperial Ballroom)
– MSN Music Conference
– Panasonic: press event
– Lady By The Sea: Martin Scorsese documentary premiere (Winter Garden, World Financial Center)
– Guggenheim: product launch (Guggenheim Museum)
– First Data: stockholders’ meeting (St. Regis Hotel)
– Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year (Museum of Natural History)

Link to video’s Miguel scored, ADR, Mixed and did the sound designs for. And a few Miguel’s animations.

Below are sound design examples “Reggie’s Flashback” and “and a production mix of Miguel’s music compositions and sound designs” from Hobo Grunt Cycle.

What is Sound Design?

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