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Miguel’s recording studio, music school and midi production. With state-of-the-art virtual instruments, the studio is for composing music and sound designs for movies, TV and theater as well as musicians and bands. He produces up-and-coming artists, helping them develop a unique identity in any genre. His goal is to create a positive environment away from the pressures and perceptions of the corporate music industry.

The studio has a drum pad and a kick pedal designed to simulate a drum set with detailed drum samples from Komplete 9′s Abbey Road collections and more.

Miguel can also negotiate reduced rates at a few live studios designed to fit your budget and be your engineer at these studios for live drums, B3 organ, vintage mixing boards and reel-to-reel tape for tape compression.

In addition, you can come to Miguel for mixing and mastering. He has a vintage collection of amps, equalizers, limiters and microphones, including a Neumann U87.

Rates and Practices
If you composed the track and need Miguel to create a band, it’s $50 an hour. If he’s helping you compose the track, he will get a fair percentage of the copyrights, and in all projects, Miguel gets co-production credits and the appropriate points a producer gets.

In some cases, Miguel will waive the basic rate and give an artist or producer a spec deal.

Due to the amount of work coming through the studio and the commitment he puts into every project, Miguel reserves the right to pass on projects that he feels are not suited for him.

Miguel also builds recording studios.
His hourly rate for building recording studios varies depending on what you need, Sound proofing, choosing equipment, installing and wiring all depends on where you are and the amount of work needed.
Custom harmonicas, open hole wood and sterling flutes, tenor and alto Saxophones

Custom Harmonicas, combs from Blue Moon harmonicas, Open hole wood and sterling flutes, tenor and alto saxophones

Computers and Effect Processors
– Apollo 8 Thunderbolt quad audio interface
– Fireface RME audio interface
– Genelec 8040BPM Active Studio Monitors
– Imac i7 quad core 27 inch with 16 gigs of Ram
– Imac dual core i5 with 8 gigs of Ram
– 2 Klark-Tekin DN 360 graphic equalizers and noise gates and 2 dual compressors
– Real analog Neve dual equalizer and pre-amp
– Real Aphex 9000ps limiters
– 2 Zoom recorders
– M-Audio Studiophile SBX 120w Sub
– Krk V 6 Powered monitors

Ezdrummer 2
– Latin Percussion EZX
– Reggae EZX

Logic X
– With BFA-Hardcore Breakbeat
– Party Pack 90
– Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Vol. 1 & 2
– Yellow Tools Pure Guitars and Pro Samples Guitar Licks by Jeff Baxter
– Zero-G Phantom Horns

Melodyne studio

Komplete 10 Ultimate
– Cuba
– Electri6ity
– First Call Horns
– London Solo Strings
– Mojo Horn Section
– Prosonus Orchestral Strings
– REV from Output
– Strummed Acoustic
– Sultan Strings
– Vocal Forge

– Arturia Analog Factory
– ARP2600
– Minimoog V + Moog Modular
– Oberheim
– Roland Jupiter-8
– Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
– Yamaha cs 80

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb

Waves Complete

– Atmosphere
– Omnisphere 2 with Moog up date
– Stylus RMX with Metamorphosis, Retro Funk and Liquid Grooves Expanders
– Trillian

Reason 7
– ABL2 Bass Synthesizer
– Korg Polysix
– Over 30 gigabytes of Reason refills
– Radical Piano
– SB Slice Arranger
– Soul School 1 & 2 (refill)
– Strings (refill)
– Synapse Antidote
– Vintage Horns (refill)

The Slate Digital
– VBC/VTM/VCC Bundle

Sound Effects
– BBC Sound Effects Library
– Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects MP3 128K
– iLife Sound Effects, Special FX
– Sony Picture Sound Effects
– Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library 1000 Series (28 CDs)

UVI Workstation
– Gypsy Jazzy

Hardware Keyboards
– Access Virus T1
– Alesis VI25
– Korg EX-8000
– Korg Polly 800
– PreSonus Faderport
– Roland JU-06
– Roland Jv1080 with 4 expansion cards (World, Orchestra, Dance and Analog keyboards)
– Roland U-220

– AKG 414
– Audio Technic AT-3060, AE5-100 and Pro 70
– MXL PS-69
– Neumann U87
– Sony UWP-D16

– Ampeg Gemini II G-15L (1966)
– Behringer Vintage AC 108 15 watt vacuum tube
– Epiphone Valve Junior {Custom}
– Gibson GA 5 Skylark (1959)
– Mesa Boogie Combo {custom}
– Vox DAS amp (battery powered)

– Boss direct box
– Hall of Fame Reverb TC Electronic
– PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay

Vintage Harmonica Microphones
– Astatic JT-30 & W30 (vm774)
– RCA CX56A (vm828)
– Sure Bullet microphone
– Unidyne 3 5455

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