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Miguel’s recording studio, music school and midi production. With state-of-the-art virtual instruments, the studio is for composing music and sound designs for movies, TV and theater as well as musicians and bands. He produces up-and-coming artists, helping them develop a unique identity in any genre. His goal is to create a positive environment away from the pressures and perceptions of the corporate music industry.

Miguel can also negotiate reduced rates at a few live studios designed to fit your budget and be your engineer at these studios for live drums, B3 organ, vintage mixing boards and reel-to-reel tape for tape compression.

In addition, you can come to Miguel for mixing and mastering. He has a vintage collection of amps, equalizers, limiters and microphones, including a Neumann U87.

All the music here is examples of Miguel’s production skills, he composed the tracks and all tracks can be used for your production.

Production Mix 2016

If he’s helping you compose the track, he will get a fair percentage of the copyrights, Miguel gets co-production credits and the appropriate points a producer gets.

Due to the amount of work coming through the studio and the commitment he puts into every project, Miguel reserves the right to pass on projects that he feels are not suited for him. Please submit potential projects to

Harmonica Lessons though Skype, $45 per hour, Session work $250 per track and he only takes payment though paypal.
Miguel also builds recording studios.
His hourly rate for building recording studios varies depending on what you need, Sound proofing, choosing equipment, installing and wiring all depends on where you are and the amount of work needed.Header-Gif-8

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