Jul 222013

Recording techniques by pro though Skype, $45 per hour, $60 at you studio. I only Take Money though Paypal.
Miguel has build many recording studios and video production houses {Mac and PC}.

He is always keeps up with the latest software and formats for music and video production.

He will help you utilize your programs to the fullest! Help you create templates and short cuts. Any program, any computer {Mac and PC}.

Marco Heiland
Private Instructor
”I met Miguel in 2008, when I was looking for a music and harmonica instructor. It was a unique experience. The lessons were the best I’ve ever had; the contents ranged from music history, production to actual playing instruction. The results I got were really great, and I have no words to thank him enough!”

Mark Tipton
Trumpeter, Composer, Music Educator
”Miguel Weissman is one of my favorite musicians to work with! His incredible harmonica playing, his vast knowledge of audio engineering and MIDI programming, and his vibrant creative spirit makes every encounter with him a joy, and a major learning experience. I highly endorse his work!”

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